Mobile Impact on Campaign Results

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I was reading a new article about Googles new Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator, which was interesting. When I looked into them, I realized that they are only for larger sites that have enough traffic to be in their data set. Even some enterprise sites don’t have enough data. Also, if you don’t have an on site e-commerce feature, then the impact tool is of little value.

But let’s not walk away form this idea just yet! There is still opportunity to assess your site for mobile speed and friendliness. A linked article about the Google PageSpeed Insights tools improvements based on Chrome user data, you can improve the mobile experience of your site.

This is very important these days, because more people access their mail and links form their portable devices. Those of us that are using marketing automation have calls to action that are critical to our campaign. Well, if the landing page is a miserable mobile experience, you’ve lost the opportunity. (Most likely, the message has been “marked as read” and will not be opened again from a laptop/desktop.)

I strongly suggest that you run the Google PageSpeed Insights on your landing page as part of your campaign “pre-flight” checklist. Some of the things I see on pages are sloppy inefficient coding by the page developers. They get lazy and just leave a lot of CSS and JavaScript files in the page, that are not needed. Also, some pages have oversized images and large CSS/JS files that have not been minified. All these files need to be loaded on the mobile device, which slows your page load. and have a negative impact on the mobile user’s experience. You are probably paying a lot to have your pages and templates created, make sure that your developers are giving you quality work. A low cost asset could result in poor campaign performance and even bigger loss in your ROI.

Even if your site is just an information page and you expect low traffic, it still doesn’t hurt to evaluate your page. Why not make the most of every customer touch point. I use WordPress for my site, which is convenient and easy for a low volume site. However, with the convenience comes some inefficiency. I will still look for some low hanging fruit, because it still may be the first impression a potential client gets. I probably need to admit that my best work goes into the sites and templates that I build and not into my own site. (Note to self.)

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